hell on earth (D)

Can you watch this video or will you stop part way through? When did you lose your compassion? How have we, as a society become so desinsitized? I created this video as a reminder of the daily suffering that people choose to ignore.  Together, I truly believe we CAN make a difference.   Advertisements

shelter (D)

Shortly after posting a reply (rant) to a story on Facebook (see bottom of post), I was curious and looked up the definition of ‘shelter’.  I also copied the ad cleverly posted, just above the definition.  In relation to the article, I found the advertisement  incredibly ironic. Help WSPA Save Pets Help Us End Animal Cruelty Forever. Donate Today. Make a Difference. […]

on the menu (D)

I jokingly say to my dogs ‘I could gobble you up’, all the time.  I don’t mean that literally, obviously.  Although, apparently not so obvious to some.  Perhaps it’s because I’m vegan that I cannot grasp the concept of cooking and eating a domestic animal.  That in itself distubs me, let alone the methods used! Saved from […]