chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate or vanilla?  That is the question of the day. The day being our one year anniversary! By way of celebrating ‘Tails are wagging,’ I baked three dozen cupcakes, another three dozen ‘mini cupcakes,’ and countless dozens of peanut butter, molasses dog treats (recipe compliments of ‘The Doggy Dessert Chef’) to share with friends and […]

pack leader (part I) – new tricks

I found it necessary to pause and consider the direction of this blog. Unlike a cuddle with my two favourite hounds, I wasn’t getting a warm, fuzzy feeling from my creation. In fact, quite the opposite. Since the phenomenom of ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’, I have tried to keep my thoughts positive […]

black sheep

That’s me.  Perhaps, this is why I relate so much to rejected, second-rate, reclycled dogs.  We all just need love and someone to trust and believe in us.  With this blog, my intention is to cover stories with happy endings, as well as bring to light subjects people either shy away from or aren’t aware of.  Stories people need […]