canadian thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite celebrations.  During this holiday, I take time to reflect, upon all the things, and people, I am grateful for.  I am blessed, to have many friends, and a wonderful family.  I enjoy the work I do for the animals, and I look forward to the many opportunities this journey has provided, and possible ventures yet to come.

I am also, extremely grateful, to the incredible people I have come to know personally, or have been introduced to by others.  Noah Conn, is one such individual.

Noah recently celebrated his 6th birthday.  Instead of presents for himself, Noah requested items for the rescue organization, which brought his best friend, ‘Biscuit’, into his life.

I am inspired by this young boy’s selfless act.  It gives me hope.

Thank you Noah.

Noah and Biscuit

Noah and Biscuit

Most rescue organizations have a ‘wish list’.  If, like me, you were inspired by this story, please consider making a donation, to your local shelter; either online, or in person.  Happy birthday Noah!


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