Jack – ME dog in need of loving, forever home

This boy will melt your heart. He has already been in three foster homes and now needs the right forever home. The original family had a baby and wouldn’t accept the responsibilities of both the baby and Jack. His current foster was asked to take him as they have another ME dog so are experienced with ME, but their schedule will not allow this as his forever home.

needs a loving, forever home

needs a loving, forever home

Breed: Cock-A-Poo
Current age: Around 5 years old
Current weight: 19 lbs

Owners Name: Connie Baer
Owners Location (City, State): Nashville, TN

Dogs location (City, State): Nashville, TN
√ Foster Home
Adopted Home

Contact Information (if other than this FB Group):
Home Phone:
Cell Phone: #615-210-7908
Email/Gmail: Baerfoot@comcast.net

Timeframe needed to find a home:
As animal lovers and advocates, we would want a loving and safe home for Jack no matter what. Given our time with him, we have fallen in love with him and want to find the perfect forever home for him.

Where and how I got this dog:
Current foster was asked to take him as they have another ME dog so are experienced with ME

Medical information (spay/neuter, chipped, other health conditions if any, etc):
Doesn’t appear that he has had any specialized ME vet care

Where and how was ME diagnosed
Animal hospital (give name if known):
X-rays or barium swallow:

Food brands and consistency
(meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):
He came to us eating Bil-Jac so kept him on it for consistency and because it works great for him
Mash food in some water for a consistency that isn’t a slurry, but more like a mashed paste

Fed how many times per day in what position and timeframe:
His ME is under control
Eats well
Has a good feeding routine
Foster works from home, so able to feed him more frequently
3 times/day for a total of 1-1/2 to 2 cups of food
Put the bowl on lap and he puts his paws on foster to eat
Keep him upright for 10 minutes afterwards
This routine works well for him

Meds currently taken:
None needed

Hydration method and consistency
(Knox Blox, SubQ, Thick It, etc):
Has problems drinking water
Accepts ice and Knox Blox for hydration
Because he likes to run around, needs a good hydration method

Items that will go with him:
A fabulous bed (that looks like a sofa!)
Harness collar (although I think he needs a different type of harness)

Exercise preferred (if any) and level
(high, moderate, low):
(As a Cock-A-Poo) high energy
Must have an outlet for his energy – a fenced in back yard, walks, trips to dog park or similar
Definitely requires moderate to high exercise and/or fenced yard

Miscellaneous Info (reaction to children, other dogs, cats, walks well with leash, housebroken, crate trained, needs Pro Collar, needs elevation at night, etc):
Does not get along with cats
NOTE: Tried every technique to get the cat to welcome him in our home. The cat was a rescue that was feral. Perhaps because of this, there is an innate fear, which prevents bonding. Since we have fostered Jack, the cat won’t come in the house.

Great with their ME dog and 6 y.o. English Lab
Sleeps with teenage daughters (goes from bed to bed)
Has gone with foster to visit her Mother in a nursing home
Great with Alzheimer’s residents

These pictures just tug at the heart strings

NOTES (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be safe, loving his forever home):

“He loves being outdoors, chases squirrels, runs in the yard and then comes in and plops himself on my lap. Our entire family has become incredibly attached to him. When I return home after being gone (even for a quick trip to get milk), he greets me at the door as though I have been gone for days.

Extremely loving. Will sit in my lap for hours. Precious boy. He loves stuffed animals and runs around the house with one hanging out of his mouth.”


5 thoughts on “Jack – ME dog in need of loving, forever home

  1. He is beautiful! I had a dog for fourteen years…half poodle and half yorkie…pure black like it appears he is. I do hope he finds his forever home soon. Sounds like a very sweet and loving boy.

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