happy Canada day – i will celebrate you always

My Godfather 'Uncle Reg' centre, his beautiful 'Betty' far left.  Me in front.

My Godfather ‘Uncle Reg’ centre, his beautiful ‘Betty’ far left. Me in front.

this weekend, I not only celebrate the country I grew up in and all that means; I am also celebrating the life of a wonderful man I had the honour of calling my ‘Godfather’.  Uncle Reg was an Englishman, a veteran and a true gentleman. Although born in England and proud of his heritage, Uncle Reg loved Canada and spending time with his family.  That is Canada Day!  Make the most of the time you have as every moment is precious and are like the now obsolete penny, too often taken for granted.  Invest in these memories.

Uncle Reg had been a part of my life, since the day I was born.  Even though I was too young to remember, I love hearing that he treated me to my first chocolate ice-cream cone.  He and my Auntie Betty ‘vetted’ John during their annual visit to England, approved my choice and reported back to my parents.  They attended our wedding the following year.  Uncle Reg was not afraid to display his pride in a few tears that escaped him during the ceremony.  That was a magical day for me and I am so glad he and Auntie Betty were part of it.  I am lucky to have known such a wonderful person and even luckier to have had Uncle Reg as my Godfather.


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