doggy dessert chef

Henry, Reese, Buddy & Holly, (not so) patiently waiting for  treats

Henry, Reese, Buddy & Holly, (not so) patiently waiting for treats

I don’t know who was happiest about the discovery of this AMAZING website, Henry, Reese or me!  Regardless, we have all benefited and continue to share the goodness with others.  My office held a bake sale recently (we raised a fair amount of money for families in need during Christmas).  Instead of making traditional treats for people, I decided I would do little packages for pets.  They were gone in no time and following the bake sale I had people commenting on how much the dogs loved the treats.  I’m sure doggy dessert chef has a number of new fans!

I work full-time and spend some of my ‘spare time’ volunteering at a local shelter.  Although I have dog-walkers come to visit Henry and Reese, I want to make the most of the time I have with them.  Thankfully I am able to multi-task so I don’t lose momentum playing fetch and rolling out cookie dough.

I like to think my guys know I make these wonerful baked delights especially for them.  They seem so appreciative.  Most likely it’s the taste of the goodies!  I feel comfortable sharing these treats, knowing what ingredients go into them.  Henry has food sensitivities and there have been so many sad and scary stories of tainted treats causing illness and an overwhelming number of fatalities (see ).

doggy dessert chef has obviously spent a great deal of time researching the recipes and has them organized according to ingredients AND special considerations such as allergies/sensitivities.

I am so happy to have found this site and share it with you.  I have no doubt your dogs – and cats (Charlie Bear LOVES a number of items on the menu) will be equally delighted when sampling the delicous treats.

Our compliments to the chef!!!
Please check out this site;

My ‘Fabulous’ Apron was a gift  from Buddy and Holly’s mom.  I absolutely love their fun products and philosophy.  Check them out;


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