the dogs dinner

Harvey's made their hamburger a beautiful thing!

Harvey’s made their hamburger a beautiful thing!

I arrived at the pet store to find the doors closed! (I support this pet store because of the great products and because it does NOT sell pets.  And apparantly they close at 6pm on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays).  What would I use as an alternative to their yummy ‘grain-free’ goodness?  It’s not because I’m vegetarian that I was horrified when I read the ingredients in ALL cans of dog food in the grocery store.

Okay, fast-food was maybe not the best choice but let’s face it, even dog-owners eat chocolate or chips once in a while.  Do I at least get points for going to Harvey’s (flame-grilled) vs. McDonalds (???)?

Because of Henry’s food sensitivities I started researching pet food ingredients in great detail.  The amount of information and horror stories out there can seem overwhelming;

Here are a couple of sites that break it down, making it easier to find delicious, nutritious food for our companions;


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