decision time

After way too much thinking, I tried to quiet my mind (as much as possible for me), and I waited…………….

It occurred to me that perhaps there was a higher power in effect here.  I left Houston with Anne the first day.  Obviously he made an impression on them as they were not able to stop thinking of him the whole time they were away visiting family over Christmas.

The act of fostering requires selflessness.  By recognizing this I am able to glimpse the bigger picture; here is a wonderful home for Houston.  Although it will be a challenge to convince my husband to foster again, there are so many beautiful beings out there for which a foster home could mean the difference between life and death.

So, we assisted with the adoption process and the five of us bundled up and walked down the road to Houston’s new house.  Once inside, Henry and Houston both made themselves at home running around and sniffing.  Houston must have remembered Chap (the older Golden Retriever) as he ran straight over and reacquanited himself.  Paul then scooped him up and with a lump in my throat I thanked Houston for the work he had done with Reese (she overcame her fear of other dogs – at least with him…….it will be an ongoing process) and we left.

Dogs are amazing creatures.  They are so adaptable, forgiving and present.  As we move into a new year I resolve to keep an open mind, be aware and practice the lessons that present themselves to me.



Special thanks to me dear friend Elaine for holding my hand through this process.





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