home for the holidays



Tis the season for extended ‘to-do’ lists and a fair few social gatherings.  Christmas is meant to be a time of giving and sharing, a time for peace and love however it seems to be very stressful and brings out the WORST in some people.  I try to have all gifts purchased by the end of October avoid shops as much as possible after mid-November.

It seems like Christmas has become more about what’s under the tree and family politics than hopes of ‘Christmas Miracles’.  I’m not a religious person however I draw on the energy of winter solstice for focus and clarity.  Christmas, with the taunting razzle and dazzle of lights, music and hustle, bustle in the streets can’t be ignored by those less fortunate or who may be experiencing personal tragedy.  The recent chaos in Connecticut certainly puts things into perspective.  I hope the family members and friends of the victims, who are experiencing such loss this year, will be able to find hope in the years to come.

I try to be mindful of those less fortunate each day of the year and volunteering at my local animal shelter helps give me perspective.  I’m often asked where I find the time or how one person can make any difference to the challenge of finding homes for animals when there are way more animals in need than homes available!  Instead of feeling helpless, I combine my energy with that of others who choose to make positive changes.

At the shelter I take photographs of the kittens & cats and (from the small amount of time I spend cuddling and talking with them), jot down a brief description about each of them for their profile on petfinder.com.  And then, I hope……………..and hope, and hope and imagine all my little friends in warm, cozy beds or the laps of their people.

During my last visit to the shelter, I was told that a lady from the city had seen the profile of one of my cats and fell in love with her.  No other cat would do.  Little Miss Dixie has a home for the holidays and, from what I’m told she will want for nothing.  Tuna for Christmas dinner or perhaps even caviar!

My house does not look like Martha Stewarts at Christmas and my ironing basket is over-flowing.  These are not a priority, for me and these tasks do not fill me with hope.  When we dedicate our time and effort to reach out to others (people or animals).  We experience peace not only on earth but also in our hearts.  That’s not whistling Dixie!


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