decision time

After way too much thinking, I tried to quiet my mind (as much as possible for me), and I waited……………. It occurred to me that perhaps there was a higher power in effect here.  I left Houston with Anne the first day.  Obviously he made an impression on them as they were not able to stop thinking of him the whole time they were […]

foster mama drama

Tuesday December 18th I did a very silly thing tonight; When I went to the shelter to drop off a USB of cat photos for petfinder profiles, the staff were busy introducing a lady to a dog.  I wandered into the back to have a look at who was new in the cat world.  One of the […]

home for the holidays

Tis the season for extended ‘to-do’ lists and a fair few social gatherings.  Christmas is meant to be a time of giving and sharing, a time for peace and love however it seems to be very stressful and brings out the WORST in some people.  I try to have all gifts purchased by the end […]