pack leader (part III) – in the cards

‘The Moon’ Tarot Card by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

The day after I arrived in England, I inquired about employment at an airport job fair and was offered a position at ‘The Nature Company’.  My introduction to crystals and lessons in Shamanism began.  It was here that I met my friend Rebecca who, I thank for transforming me into vegetarianism after describing in great detail, a documentary she had watched.  Rebecca’s vegetarian experience lasted maybe a week.

On my days off I loved hopping on the ‘tube’ and heading into the city.  I felt like an extra on the set of a period drama.  Would Mr. Darcy be in the next coffee shop enjoying the enchanted serenity? I was completely anonymous, free to be whomever I wanted and explore this incredible new world.

During one of my trips into the city I came across a unique little shop that did Astrology charts and the like.  I bought a chart as a gift and purchased a package of tarot cards for myself.  From time to time I would flip through the cards and use the book to reference my selection.  It wasn’t until many years later that I realized how prophetic my selection was.

Fast forward several years.

I was invited to join a group of local women who get together each month to ‘Learn, Share & Grow’.  The topic for my first visit was ‘Tarot Fun’.  I would finally learn how to use the cards that remained mostly untouched in their box on the bookshelf.

I was surprised at the number of women that came out for this get together.  The circle was comprised of individuals from various backgrounds and ages.  The positive energy among the group was contagious and I was welcomed with such warmth, any trepidation initially experienced disappeared immediately.

Karen introduced herself and gave us an overview of her background and what led her to become so passionate about the importance of recognizing our intuition.  We listened intently as we learned about the history of the Tarot and different methods for reading the cards.  One member of the group informed us that she had stopped in to Chapters to purchase a deck of cards for our get together and was overwhelmed by the available selection.  We listened as Karen explained that all Tarot cards are translated the same and that we should pick the cards that we are drawn to.  As I listened, I peered down at the cards resting in my lap.  What had intrigued me about this group of cards in particular?  They certainly were beautiful.  After further research, I learned the images were created originally as tapestries.

It was as if I was looking at the deck for the first time.  How had I not noticed the image on the cover of the box and the book which accompanied the set?  As Karen spoke of the respect we need to show our beloved cards, mine practically flew off my lap and into the middle of the circle.  Ooopsy! So very sorry, my beautiful cards.  As I scrambled to gather my treasure (and my composure), I felt the blood rush through me and my heartbeat hasten.  I’m not sure if this was the embarrassment I’d caused myself or the shock of my discovery.  The image on the box of cards I’d selected all those years ago was of a girl and her fluffy white dog.  MY DOG!  Henry; my inspiration, my little muse, the reason I am on this new venture!

The Moon
Under a waning moon, in a dark and eerie landscape, a lost child stands with her faithful dog.  Just as the child is about to succumb to overwhelming feelings of despair, danger and sadness born of longing for home and family, The Moon; who had been wrongly been thought to use Moon Witch magic,  beamed more strongly than before.  Tears fall from the pale-faced goddess, the land swells up higher and the child is able to make her way across the moat and home to her castle.

The Awakening
This is the darkness before the dawn.  Separate illusion from reality and do not fear the unknown.  Intuition can guide you to hidden opportunities.  Save energy for the challenges ahead and not squander it on needless worrying.

At the end of a very insightful evening, Karen passed around a ‘Birthday Book’ for us to look up our Tarot.  This was mine;

The Magician

Behind him is his heavenly city, symbol of the divine origin of desires made manifest on earth through the power of thought.  The Magician is the mediator between these two worlds.  With initiative and cunning, he decides which ideas will be made real.

The Awakening
If your willpower is consciously and aggressively directed, you can now accomplish all that you visualize.  You are challenged to go forward into the world and use your skill and intelligence, to produce change for the better.  Make magic!

Karen is delightful and lends her sense of humour to occasions. For information about private readings and courses on Intuition Development follow the link below;


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