pack leader (part I) – new tricks

zara is modelling the ‘rock star’ purple tutu by sadie mae & co.

I found it necessary to pause and consider the direction of this blog. Unlike a cuddle with my two favourite hounds, I wasn’t getting a warm, fuzzy feeling from my creation. In fact, quite the opposite. Since the phenomenom of ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’, I have tried to keep my thoughts positive and visualize the best outcome. It isn’t easy with all the terrifying and horrific stories that face us each day. I certainly don’t want to add to that. Recently, a very wise woman whom I admire very much introduced me to ‘Ho opono opono’ – the concept is similar to ‘The Secret’ without limitation or ego.

The animals we work with are extremely sensitive to our energy and emotions. If we are upset and dwell on the sadness of their past or current situation, WE are setting that intention and reality by projecting that energy on them. Animals live in the present moment. It is humans who cling to memories and suffer from upsets in our past. A great lesson from our companions.

My intention is to be a positive voice for the animals, resulting in ‘The Most Benevolent Outcome’ for them.

Bottom line folks, ‘Energy flows where attention goes’ – Michael Beckwith.


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