dear doG

Each day I pray for;


-every homeless pet will find someone to love & care for them regardless of breed, age or special needs
-cruelty & neglect will end and people across the world will learn to respect animals;
-shelter will be provided (not all day crating or chained in a yard), meals, hydration and affection
-people will act responsibly, and consider common sense things like the conditions for paws, walking on burning hot asphalt or salted, sanded    sidewalks & roads
-people, will not abandon pets in extreme temperatures outside or in vehicles
-animals will not be disposed of – some, like garbage, some thrown from cars
-savage acts of slaying, baiting and mutilation of living beings for tusks, pelts etc. will end
-puppy mills will be banned in EVERY country and dogs, no longer treated as livestock
-breeders will care about their animals health, and the homes in which they are placed
-circuses, zoos, aquariums and other adventure parks will provide shelter for at risk animals and profit used to ensure the highest level of conditions and care, are available for the habitants
-the so called ‘sport’ of dog fighting will cease, and the souls of those responsible, and those who consider this savage act of cruelty entertaining, will evolve. May they begin to contribute in a positive manner to society and somehow find a way to make amends, for the trauma caused to their innocent victim’s


 -people will take time to learn the unique personality and health of a dog before deciding to adopt, (ensuring the best match is made)
-effort is made in each home to teach manners and set rules in order to avoid frustration and confusion for both animals and their humans
-dogs will be supported following situations of abuse and horrific wrong-doings, and not be sentenced to death, without every attempt is made to rehabilitate and fairly assess each animal
-society will learn that no animal should be judged based on appearance (breed specific) and owners will learn to take responsibility and provide adequate training
-people will take seriously, the decision to become a pet owner and;
-schedule regular health checks with the vet and be responsible by having pets spayed/neutered
-make time for pets EVEN when little humans arrive
-when children grow up and leave the home, pets aren’t neglected or discarded
-teach children how to interact with animals so unnecessary accidents & deaths will be avoided


-individuals facing a change of circumstance or hardship, will find some comfort in making the very difficult decision to surrender (not abandon) a pet, knowing it is in the best interest of their companion
-people will open their homes to foster animals in transition; although, hard to say goodbye, they are there to provide a safe, comfortable ‘temporary home’ for the many, until a ‘forever & ever’ home is found for each and every one
-volunteers & supporters will offer their time or financial aid to the vast number of organizations in desperate need


-recognize and honour a dogs need to be given peace after a long road has been travelled and the journey is complete
-every day, face the stories of heartbreak and tragedy, learn from each and use the lessons to make changes
-do my part, as an individual and know, in my heart that what I do will somehow make a difference
-encourage others to have faith, speak up & be a voice for the animals

In memory of;

Tucker, Wicca, Lennox, the Calgary Chuckwagon horses, Vick’s dogs, Marineland’s Skoot, and countless others whose lives ended too soon.  May they serve to remind us to be better human beings.

We beg,

A Man


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