shelter (D)

Shortly after posting a reply (rant) to a story on Facebook (see bottom of post), I was curious and looked up the definition of ‘shelter’.  I also copied the ad cleverly posted, just above the definition.  In relation to the article, I found the advertisement  incredibly ironic. Help WSPA Save Pets Help Us End Animal Cruelty Forever. Donate Today. Make a Difference. […]

on the menu (D)

I jokingly say to my dogs ‘I could gobble you up’, all the time.  I don’t mean that literally, obviously.  Although, apparently not so obvious to some.  Perhaps it’s because I’m vegan that I cannot grasp the concept of cooking and eating a domestic animal.  That in itself distubs me, let alone the methods used! Saved from […]

dog abandoned on colorado mountain

Last night I had another nightmare – this time, about a German Shepherd (Missy), abandoned on the side of a mountain in Colorado.  Her owner (Anthony Joseph Ortolani) didn’t make ANY attempt to rescue her.  Nor did the people he was hiking with.  The wonderful couple that found her went to great lengths to find help to rescue her.  […]

dear doG

Each day I pray for;  compassion -every homeless pet will find someone to love & care for them regardless of breed, age or special needs -cruelty & neglect will end and people across the world will learn to respect animals; -shelter will be provided (not all day crating or chained in a yard), meals, hydration […]