pieces of my heart

My beautiful, sweet little girl

My beautiful, sweet little girl

Reese, Reeses Pieces, Reesie-Roo, Roodle Doodle, Doodle-bug, Bug-a-boo, Bug, Boo or just plain Pieces.  She melts in your heart, not in your hands.  We’re working on that.  This tiny little sweetheart and her brother Henry are both puppy mill survivors.  Henry was rescued from the mills at a younger age and doesn’t remember much about that horrible place, I’m sure.  Reese’s story however is heart-breaking.  Reese was used for the purpose of breeding and lived in a small, suspended cage (these dogs live one, on top of each other), with a drop pan for the purpose of elimination.  These dogs don’t get let out for a pee break and fresh air.  This was how my baby lived for the first eighteen months of her life.    It has taken us a very long time to rehabilitate her (just over two years so far).  Reese still stiffens slightly when we pick her up.  Give Henry a cuddle and she’s right there, doesn’t want to miss out even if she is unsure.  She does know it’s good to be loved.


I was watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ when out of the blue Reese jumped up on the end of the couch, and ran over to me, tail wagging.  She tapped me with her right paw and I grabbed it, gave it a little squeeze before releasing it.  Then Reese tapped me with her left paw.  I grabbed it, gave that to a little squeeze and released it.  Reese barked and we repeated the process several times before she collapsed beside me and rolled around while I gave her a fuss.  Only moments later she was on the living room rug with her favourite toy ‘bark, bark, bark, bark, bark’ until I went over and pitched the toy into the other room.  Moments later the toy  (and Reese) returned and we carried out this process several times.  A normal, happy little dog at long last.  There is absolutely no greater reward in this world.


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