black sheep

That’s me.  Perhaps, this is why I relate so much to rejected, second-rate, reclycled dogs.  We all just need love and someone to trust and believe in us.  With this blog, my intention is to cover stories with happy endings, as well as bring to light subjects people either shy away from or aren’t aware of.  Stories people need […]

pieces of my heart

Reese, Reeses Pieces, Reesie-Roo, Roodle Doodle, Doodle-bug, Bug-a-boo, Bug, Boo or just plain Pieces.  She melts in your heart, not in your hands.  We’re working on that.  This tiny little sweetheart and her brother Henry are both puppy mill survivors.  Henry was rescued from the mills at a younger age and doesn’t remember much about that horrible […]